How To Do A Content Gap Analysis

If there are any keywords you don’t rank for, but your competitors do – SEO content gap analysis tools can help you identify them. Before you start analyzing your website’s content, it’s important to know who you’re targeting. This will help you determine what topics and keywords to focus on in your content gap analysis.
At the awareness stage, you want to answer prospects’ questions about what your product is and why it matters. Your content, therefore, might include online ads and social media posts. But if MEDIUM BEST SEO TELEGRAM GROUP is about baseball and includes articles about baseball shoes with links to where to buy them, then that site may be a good fit for a backlink opportunity.
It is essentially a gap in the market that needs to be filled in order to fulfil search intent. The above process should be taken for the top three/four domains that perform well for that tag. Usually, trends will start to appear where each domain has a similar page template ranking along with similar metadata.

  • Once you’ve identified these competitors, it’s time to export what’s currently working for them.
  • For example, it’s easier to use if you’re looking for keywords that you’re not ranking for at all (new content opportunities).
  • It provides recommendations on how to improve your site but also gives an in-depth overview of your competitors’ performance.

In the screenshot below, Zoho would be a direct ‘real-life’ competitor. Investopedia would not be, but we’re still interested in capturing their audience for this keyword (and likely many others). You build topical authority by finding and addressing gaps in your content. This simply means Google begins to see you more and more as an expert in your field.

The Documentation Is For Developers

I continually check the position tracking to see how my website is increasing the visibility thanks to the improvement balance that I have implemented with this Suite. I have increased the positioning of my website for the strongest and most important keywords of my projects. DinoRANK has saved me a lot of time and I have managed to
positioned many potential and generic keywords. I continually check the position tracking to see how my website is increasing the visibility of my website is increasing thanks to the improvement balance that I have implemented with this Suite. In addition, you can download the entire list in excel and add the keywords you want to the position tracking module to start monitoring them.

Why Do We Need To Fill Content Gaps?

This is a clear example of the types of insights you can get from a content gap analysis, and how it can lead to actionable ideas to improve your website and SEO. A content gap analysis should not be a one-off thing, but should ideally be done regularly in order to stay on top of what your competitors are doing. There are many tools out there that will help you identify the keyword gap including, but not limited to, SEMrush. The tools on these platforms allow for a specific page on a competitor’s site to be analysed, identifying which keywords that page is ranking for. Lucky for us, Ahrefs has made it really easy to do content gap analysis.

It’s Possible To Put The Gap Analysis To Work

Subsequently the difference between the actual state and the target state can be identified and measures can be defined on this basis in order to close the gaps. With the results of this gap analysis companies can uncover and activate hidden and unused potential. This applies to both the optimization of existing content as well as the creation of new content. This makes content marketing more efficient, increases the ROI and raises profits.
As shown above, Frase provides a helpful content production workflow, from content briefs to content writing, optimization, and analytics. Of course, you’ll be helping your target audience with more useful educational and decision-making information as well. That’s where you can swoop in with your content and create something 10x better. That means there is a built-in opportunity for new SEO rankings and improving your overall SEO scores. When you can reach those groups by filling in the gaps, they can become part of your sales and marketing funnels and join your pipelines. Now that you know which domains will provide the most valuable backlink opportunities for your site, the only thing left to do is to reach out to those sites and try to get them to link to your domain.
You can also view competitor websites that rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for your target keywords. Keyword gap analysis is not just another fancy buzzword; it’s a proven method to identify gaps in your keyword strategy and turn them into opportunities. It’s like having a secret weapon that reveals the missing links between your website and your competitors, empowering you to take charge and dominate the search engine rankings.
When you do this regularly – such as quarterly – you are much better positioned to stay on top of your competitors’ strategies and beat them. Topical authority is essentially demonstrating subject matter expertise, and it is achieved by covering everything there is to cover about the topics you want to rank for. Last but not least, when you’re trying to get a pulse on your audience, forums are still a brilliant resource. You can find decades and decades of questions from real people in just about any industry.
This will allow you to see if new content is necessary at any given point. If it seems like there are gaps that need to be filled, now is the perfect time to map out a strategy for creating new blog posts or other types of content. The first step in this process is to ask yourself how your audience is searching for the product or service you provide. You’ll probably have a list of these in mind that relate directly to your product or services.

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